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Born and raised on the southern side of Norway, Debora introduces a world of gripping and emotional pop music. Debora grew up in a vivid household with 4 siblings and started singing at a young age - and exploring her own musicality. At the age of 18, Debora  was introduced to songwriting, which grew to become an important way of reflecting and dealing with her own feelings and experiences. Since her debut single “Oh Maybe” in 2022, Debora has continued to receive critical acclaim. With her clear vocals and unfiltered approach to life's challenges, such as identity, doubt and uncertainty, the Norwegian-English artist is now set to release her debut EP "Too Caught Up In The Little Things"

“Too Caught Up In The Little Things” is a project that explores the difficult themes and situations that arise when transitioning from youth to young adulthood, particularly in a long-term relationship. The music moves from synth-based energetic songs like "Oh Maybe" and "Who Am I" to more organic, folky tracks such as "Wild" and "Jealous Girlfriend."

"Some of the songs on the EP were written in 2019, and some were finished in 2023. A lot has happened during that time, and I love that the music shows the journey though my early twenties – both the ups and the downs. I believe many people can relate to the insecurity and doubt as well as the joy and freedom expressed in the songs."

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