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Since the start of his musical career in 2017, 27-year-old pop prince Ruben has captivated people with his euphoric melodies, beautiful voice and honest stories.


With his previous EPs – Melancholic and Animosity – Ruben has distinguished himself as a rare kind of storyteller. The stories come to life when they are conveyed with a distinctive and melancholic narration. When this is combined with visual art, the artist from Bjarkøy, Norway proves why so many people have been enchanted by him: he knows how to convey a concept that leaves emotional impressions.

The fact that he has collected well over 430 million streams, as well as a music award for song of the year, speaks for itself. When you’ve witnessed him in action, it’s no mystery that Ruben plays to full houses. This introverted artist unleashes all his emotions and becomes an extroverted version of himself when he plays live – a version that has steely control over the audience. Where other artists feel stage fright, Ruben feels that he is in control of his own narrative – that shows. You can't help but leave a Ruben concert with a whole range of emotions at play.


Fans are eagerly awaiting Ruben’s next move, and now he’s ready to release his debut album, Tonic Emotions, which will mark a new direction in 2023 for the pop star. Part 1 of the album will be released May 26th, part 2 is due in the autumn. He will recount his personal journey through his own emotional register during his encounter with love:

"I love challenging myself and I actually feel like this is scarier to write about than mental health, because this has been completely new to me. The album tells a story about finding love and all the positive and negative feelings that come with it. It deals with the ups and downs of the road, from a wild crush to finding a harmonic relationship."

Tonic Emotions promises a different kind of sound than what you're used to hear from Ruben. The tale of young love will be conveyed through both the melancholy and visual elements for which he's known. One visual element the audience will quickly pick up on in the videos and album cover is the parachute. This becomes a running theme in the aesthetic by no coincidence:

"The parachute is a metaphor for my feelings about entering a relationship. The adrenaline, the sense of freedom, the vulnerability, the fear that things could go wrong and that you’re into something that you don't have full control over, but still choose to meet it wholeheartedly and with your life on the line.”

Despite it being a personal and emotional narrative that Ruben shares with his fans, he believes that the debut album will still convey something that more people can relate to.


"After listening through Tonic Emotions for the first time, I hope people are left with a sense of affirmation. Although I share my personal experience, I think that many of the lyrics will be something that a lot of people can relate to."

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