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Lars Rosness is an established producer and songwriter in Norway, with a wide range from pop and R&B to the urban landscape. Lars honed his skills writing and producing as part of the Alan Walker team, with co-writing on tracks like Darkside & Lily. In 2019 Lars moved on to operate independently and focus on building his own career. He quickly became the new go-to guy for a number of Norway’s biggest artists including Ruben, Jesper Jenset, Julie Bergan, Emelie Hollow & TIX. During the pandemic, Lars had one of the biggest songs in Norway with Chris Holstens “Smilet I Ditt Eget Speil” that spent weeks as #1 on the Norwegian Radio Charts. Lars is also developing hotly tipped newcomer Jonathan Floyd and currently working on Ruben´s upcoming album.  

  • Spotify - Hvit Circle
  • Instagram - Hvit Circle
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